Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Yo!!! Wats up? This week's artist is The Last King YMCMB hero Tyga. Before all the glits and glam my man started down at the bottom of the food chain. He packed out some mixtapes the first being Young On Probation  released in 2007. He has got some awesome tunes and all this week will be pickin 10 of his best hits and the first one is the song  Better Days feat. Gudda Gudda (From 'Black Thoughts')
Better Days reflects on growing out of the street life and searching for a brighter future. It sets a different mood from his catchy lap dance anthems. On the track, Tyga talks about the lifestyle with a real narrative about the daily hustle. He’s all about the struggle here, and it sounds inspiring. The link wll becoming later on today but you can watch the vidoe for now


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