Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hii Power Section 80

Fightng the illuminati, the poetic rapper takes to the mic to talk about the illuminati and the whole conspiracy theory on that. He starts of the song by sayin "Hii Power" which means The higher power of understanding—finding knowledge and not believing what “they” (media, etc.) tell you, or make you want to believe. It is all not as simple, and death, etc. usually has a meaning or a purpose. People like Huye P., Eldridge Cleaver, M.L.K.Jr., Malcom X, Bob Marley, etc. were not discredited, locked-up, executed, etc. for no reason. He also in the second verse says "Who say a black man in the Illuminati
Last time I check, that was the biggest racist party" meaning The “Illuminati” have been rumored to run the world for a very long time, since blacks and minority’s have been treated so badly through out history, he concludes that a black man can’t be in the “Illuminati” because black suppression/ oppression seems to be apart of their agenda
Also a knock on all the conspiracy theories around the hip-hop community that influential artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West are involved in occult orders. Kendrick is brushing all of that off as gossip he is goood really good download link coming up.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Kendrick Lemar

Hey people!!!!!!! This is a new week which means there is a new artist to review. This week its the turn of underrated Kendrick Lemar. Kendrick Lemar likes to compare himself to Tupac Shakur. But Tupac wasnt from Los Angeles and didnt know his father growing up. By the time Tupac was 23, he had already been shot multiple times and begun serving a prison sentence. Lemar on the other hand, ws born and raised in Compton.His parents are still married. He's 23, and so far he has managed to dodged the almost inescapable bullets that dart through what he calls his "mad city". So tune in this week for all hits and mixtapes too.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Life Story

Taken off his mixtape the year book is a life story. On this track he he goes on an autotuned opening and ft Dai Dai tells his fans about his life. It starts in the early years how his father was locked up and about how he has become the man f the house. He comes up with lines like "you dont know anything about me, you're better off tryin google me or in fact Ask Jeeves" . The beat is ok the hook could be better but overall its an ok song

Lyrical Content: 7/10 (as far a story goes he did tell us about his life )

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stady Hatin

This is another standout track from his mixtape The Golden Child. The beat is not that good but as i said again he has taken his raps to another level and the hook is good he references Young Money label mate Drake by sayin "I thot i told your ass #YOLO/sorry if you aint heard but thats the f**ken #Motto" he is developing and last year made it into the Fresh Man of hip hop list,so people watch the space for him. His album Dont Get It Twisted is out in a few months lets go featuring the hit Singles Turnt Up ft Busta Rhymes, Love Affair ft Lil wayne and New Money ft Mishon

Friday, 20 January 2012



This is a track by Lil Twist called Godzilla. The beat is crazy and he recruits Young Money label mate Jae Millz to drop a dope verse. The beat as i said is crazy and the hook is also crazy with the lyrical genius and lines like leave the club with a set of twins like Mary Mary. The rap level has gone up. His flow is mainly #stripclubflow its a best listen of the current lil twist

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Wild Kidz

Lil Twist and Gunzo aka Lil Za dropped a massive record called Fuck this shit. The beat on it is crazy and this is not the lil twist  we actually know his rhymes are on some next level. He comes up with lines like all i rap about is how i get mone/some these ni***s wishin that i died but i have taken about 4 and i cant die. Lil Za is lil twist best frands and together they form a rap collarge  called The Wild kidz

Beat 7/10
lyrical content 6/10


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Artist of the week: Lil Twist

Signed to one of the biggest labels out there Lil twist has a made a name for himself. Twist Hefner as some fans know him is 3rd #YMCMB youngster who has got mixed reviews from critics
Most people have been very annoyed by his voice and his wack lines in raps of recent years. His mixtape Yearbook was ok for first attempt. This week watch the space I wil be reviewing his best and worst songs so watch the space #YMCMB

Live 'a' Little

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


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