Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Love Birds

Three years after Chris Brown made headlines for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, the duo reunited for a remix of Rih's "Birthday Cake," from her album Talk That Talk. The song, co-produced by Da Internz and The-Dream, features Chris Brown fantasizing about how he wants to "lick the icing" and "blow the candles off" Rihanna's birthday cake. In the new version, Rihanna also asks Chris Brown, "Remember how we did it?" proposing a different kind of reunion by suggesting, "If you still want to kiss it, come, come, come and get it."  If you dont believe it you can listen to the song down here

Well, isn’t this f*ckin’ cute. Ha! Not only did Rihanna let Chris Brown do her “Birthday Cake (Remix)”, Chris is letting RiRi get on the remix for his dance-up-tempo song, “Turn Up The Music”. Even though I don’t want them back together because I had bought Rihanna our engagement rings already, we know for sure that musically, they are meant for one another.
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